Jess and Yetunde power-teamed this review of Grietfest 2016. Read Jess’ declaration of love for Grietfest and look at images taken by Yetunde. 

Holy shit Grietfest 2016 was incredible. It feels like I’m falling in love all over again. Actually, I’d like for us to never be apart. Can I marry a festival? Is it legal? Someone please let me know.


Grietfest has a history of being absolutely awesome and this year went above and beyond expectations with a line-up that had my eyes watering (in a good way), an insanely cool venue, 3 awesome stages, unbelievable visuals and an electric atmosphere (see what I did there).


The line-up showcased the best local talent, with fantastic sets from the likes of Thor Rixon, Pop Art, Niskerone, Das Kapital, Sibot and Toyota, Narch and Hyphen, to name but a few. The international headliners certainly didn’t disappoint, with Dimension, Proxy and Lektrique all bringing sets that were honestly out of this world.


One of the best things about Grietfest this year was the after-party which was held at AND club, and which saw awesome sets by ANG, Haezer and Ella G. If you didn’t manage to get as far as the after-party, you have my deepest condolences because that means you missed not only the aforementioned sets, but also Niskerone going b2b with Dimension, which took Drum ‘n Bass to an entirely new level.


Hats off to the organisers for putting together such an incredible festival year after year. You truly are the MVPs and I honestly can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next year.

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