Grietfest 2017 has left me feeling extremely nostalgic.

I have been saying a lot of goodbyes lately. It’s goodbye at work soon, goodbyes to friends, goodbyes to a lot of projects that I have worked on and hello to a new life studying abroad for a year. I never expected that I would be feeling so wistful while trying to write about how much Grietfest means to me and how happy I am that I could celebrate the eve of my departure at the 7-year old music festival.

I have been there from the beginning, since the first Grietfest in 2011 and I just want to reflect on some of my memories and images from previous Grietfest events. Grietfest is the only festival in the world that has seen me progress as a photographer through their events. Let’s time travel together.

2011, the last time that I shot Grietfest for personal reasons because Drop Your Drink, the previous version of Our Friends, didn’t exist.

2011 – Double Adapter vs Haezer

2012, the first time I saw Old Testament weather at a party.

2012 – Trumpdisco after the rain

2013, the second time I ran into Paddy Eriksen, one of Our Friends’ best photographers, before we became friends.

2013 – Bart B More on stage

2014, the only time I have no recollection of Grietfest.

2014 – ???


2015, the first time we experienced Grietfest in the Shipping Yard.

2015 – Grimehouse on stage

2016, the first time that Our Friends became a Grietfest super-insider.

2016 – The Shipping Yard

2017, the first time I felt completely connected to an individual in the audience because I was seen.

Grietfest has completely changed the electronic music scene in South Africa.

I am so honoured to have been part of this movement and understand the incredible amount of work that the team has put in every single year since 2011. I’ll won’t be around for next year’s event but I hope you put on your dancing shoes in advance and get ready for South Africa’s best electronic music party.

I hope that you enjoy the rest of my photo series captured during Grietfest 2017.

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