There are few better ways to soak up the sun on a Saturday afternoon than to be relaxing on a picnic blanket, drink in hand, listening to some wonderful sets from some of the best local musicians.

Saturday dawned sunny with a chance of sunburn, if, like me, you forgot to apply a generous amount of sunscreen. There was much to look forward to on the music front. With Jeremy Loops launching his eagerly anticipated album ‘Critical as Water’. Nic Preen, formerly of the band Al Bairre, making his debut with his new band ‘Nicpreen and The World of Birds’. Lastly, a set from local favourite Tresor.

By the time I arrived the lawn was packed full of people. The crowd was out in full force in order to enjoy the wonderful weather, music, food and laid-back vibe. With the grass hidden under a sea of picnic blankets, the bar queues longer than a psychology lecture and the occasional smell of churros wafting through the air, the scene was set for a perfect afternoon. Nicpreen and The World of Birds took to the stage with an energetic performance which included an
exceptional handstand, their awesome new songs ‘Baboo’, ‘Never Ever’ and ‘Stay or Leave’, as well as some old favourites from the Al Bairre days such as ‘Bungalow’ and ‘Let’s fall in love some more’ (much to the delight of the crowd). An amazing set Tresor followed, as he captivated the crowd with his upbeat and soulful array of songs, including crowd favourites “Never let me go” and “Mount Everest”.

Jeremy Loops’ Joyeous Levels

The excitement was palpable as everyone waited for Jeremy Loops to take the stage and once his set began he certainly did not disappoint. Supported by his incredible band, his set was dynamic and full of energy. Performing the songs “Waves”, “Freak” and “The Shore” from his new album ‘Critical as Water’ for the first time in Joburg, he had the crowd excitedly pretending to sing along, as they didn’t quite know the lyrics yet; while his better-known hits had everyone in the crowd jumping up and down.

All-in-all I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon at Large on the Lawn, this past Saturday. The event was extremely well run, in true BreakOut style and I’m really looking forward to another enjoyable afternoon in the sun (rain clouds will definitely not be permitted to enter).

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