Have you ever spent your Sunday sitting at home in Joburg wishing you could be in Cape Town, attending one of the amazing Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts?

Joburg finally has its own answer to Kirstenbosch: Large on the Lawn.

Large on the lawn gives you the opportunity to leave your beloved Sunday couch behind and instead spend your afternoon in the company of great music, people, food, green grass and a little bit of sunshine. Ultimately, Large on the lawn helps you end your weekend on a high note.Held at the Golden Harvest Park in Northgate, Large on the Lawn does one of two things. First, it brings a wonderful afternoon of music to people. Secondly, it’s playing a role in giving the park back to the community by working together with Johannesburg City Parks in ensuring that a portion of the proceeds go towards uplifting the park and to help in maintaining it.

Sunday’s edition of Large on the Lawn saw a wonderful afternoon of fantastic performances.

Apple Gule 

It also bared host to great weather and a surprisingly large amount of people wearing tie dye t-shirts with glitter on their faces. All in honour of it being Al Bairre’s last ever show in Joburg.

Apple Gule’s soulful voice set the tone for the afternoon. He was followed by a wildly energetic and thoroughly enjoyable performance from Al Bairre.

Al Bairre

Their set, which included a record breaking handstand, a human totem pole, crying twins (and a teary audience too) and ‘Let’s fall in love some more’ being performed not once but TWICE. It’s needless to say we all fell in love some more, making their breakup even harder to come to terms with. Al Bairre definitely ensured that they ended their last Joburg show with a bang.

Mango Groove

Mango Groove proved once again that there’s no one who does it quite like them, with an incredible and vibrant performance which had everyone, old and young, singing and dancing along (and had more than a few people practising their overly dramatic air-flute solos).At the event, you may have seen some of the physically disabled people who spent the afternoon enjoying the music from their spot in the shade. These folks were from the Ann Harding Cheshire Home. It’s located in the suburb neighbouring the Golden Harvest Park, which provides care for physically disabled people. In an effort to involve the community and to help the charity raise money, the organisers of Large on the Lawn gave the home the opportunity to sell tickets for the event and keep some of the proceeds. They also organised for the people from the home to come through and watch the concert and providing them with any assistance they needed in order to spend a wonderful day outside enjoying the music.Large on the Lawn is the perfect example of how music events and the community can work together. They went above and beyond in order to create something truly special. A massive congratulations must go to the organisers of the event. Amazing music, good food and good company; but also for using it as an opportunity to give something back to the community.

So, in closing, I’d just like to say that if you’re looking for a great way to spend your Sunday. A Sunday that doesn’t involve your couch then I highly recommend you go check out the next of the Large on the Lawn Summer concerts. Next up is Sunday the 30th of April.

Check out Henry‘s visual coverage below:

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