As a long-term Little Dragon fan, this was a chance of a lifetime. I have no excuses for myself after missing their first South African performance a few years ago. Saturday was a chance to redeem myself!

The Bread, Red Bull and all the people behind the scenes hooked us up with a dope gig that even the infamous Johannesburg chill wanted to disturb. Andrew the DJ got us started and he was followed by Card on Spokes and our favourite girl, Nonkululu. At some point the crowd started chanting for Little Dragon and Little Dragon appeared.

I will say that everybody was left satisfied after Little Dragon’s performance. Even my lady friend next to me was telling me how just happy she was. I think there’s this thing where South African fans and bands have some sort of a symbiotic relationship, where we thoroughly enjoy performance art.

Anyway, here are some pictures from the gig, hope you dig.

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