Have you ever wanted or needed something and suddenly the world provides it? An almost cosmic Room of Requirement? Lush 2017 kind of felt like that.

Lush, being in its second year, is easing out of its growing pains. It had a much better stage setup with the woods stage being a definite highlight. Where else could you go to explore a forest during the day and maybe take a nap, or chill out to good music and hang with cool people, and then have a mind melting night of electronic music between the trees?

The moving of the campsite to the open field closer to the parking was also greatly appreciated. For anyone that attended last year, the walk from the car to the campsite on a hill was tough. Even though you could the odd complaint about walking to and from the parking, most people were in high spirits with campers occasionally howling at the moon in massive numbers.

That Lush Line-up

Lush had a local line up that spanned every genre and catered for all. The Converse stage became the defacto glitter tent where instead of decorating their shoes, most festival goers adorned themselves on glitter blue, googly eyes and multi coloured face crystals while a dj set kept the vibes good. While the main stage and woods stages were forces with big names The temper Trap (holy damn they were good), Francois Van Coke, Shortstraw, Popartlive, Oliver Koletzki, and Matthew Mole, the smaller stage hosted gems like Sol Gems, Bye Beneco and We Are Charlie.

Overall it was a great experience. I like Lush. Lush can stay.

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