This weekend I went through to Carfax to shoot the newest event in town – Münk Culture. Münk is the brainchild of creative startup up, CONTRXST, headed up Benjamin Yang, Scott Whiteley and Mark De Klerk. The event included heavyweights Haezer and Niskerone, DYD favourites, Feed the Animals, and more.

After shooting a group photo, a girl came and asked me where she might find the photos. I responded, as clearly as I could, and she immediately dropped her near full drink and bolted outside before her friends could react. I just assumed someone had bumped/offended her so I carried on with my evening. She approached me later to ask me what I’d actually said. Turns out, she thought I was suggesting that the guy she was out with had spiked her drink. Queue super embarrassed laughter from said girl. It turns out that this is, surprisingly, a DYD first!

All in all, Münk Culture was easily one of the best parties I’ve attended in a while. You guys are definitely doing things right. Looking forward to the next!

Hope you enjoy my photo set.


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