Well, I guess I could say that Henry’s words pretty much summed up how Oppikoppi 2015: Mr Vos Vos was for all of us. It was ‘rustig’.

Most people that I conversed with, agreed that there were fewer people; but at the same time, we sort of liked that, I suppose it had that intimacy vibe.

However, whether intimately small or not, you will always have a jol at Oppikoppi. Just enjoy the music, be open minded to the experiences, make new friends, bump into old ones that you never thought you would meet at Oppikoppi, drink up and just get high on the dust. On that note, I was very prepared for the dust this year. I had random people say a thing or two about my gas mask. I heard comments like “You’re well prepared” to “Isn’t that a bit excessive?”


The music was good, that’s the overall summary I could give for it. I can’t say there were any kak performances that I had to endure but at the same time, I can’t really speak of greatness either. Some performances that stood out include Power Solo’s act, Livingston’s energy and BCUC. I was a bit hacked that I couldn’t shoot the Redbull Stage properly due to access but such is life. Speaking of the Redbull Stage, I’ve concluded that’s where most Oppikoppi crimes occur. Is it because it’s so packed? I don’t know what Oppikoppi management could do about it, maybe strip search everyone at the gate?

Other than that, Oppikoppi was a good ‘rustig’ jol. The die hards are already waiting for next year’s event while the rest of us will wait for the published lineup. Till then, check out my photo series of Oppikoppi 2015. Shout out to Reatile Moalusi for shooting Moonchild for me at the Redbull Stage.


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