So, Parklife 2018 was the bees knees, literally.

Parklife 2018 promised us a line up to die for; I mean really, 14 year old me was just about having heart palpitations at the thought of finally getting to see Angus and Julia Stone live.

Saturday dawned along with a serious downpour which had me, and I’m sure everyone else apprehensive about whether the day would be fun in the sun or singing in the rain. The rain, however, was kind enough to stop. The clouds cleared, leaving the sun out and shining down on us in full force, ensuring that sunscreen, hats and shade were a hot commodity.


Marks Park was filled to the brim with people (and, curiously enough, bees) as everyone spent the day relaxing on picnic blankets or meandering from stage to stage, enjoying the fantastic music that was on offer. Absolutely wonderful sets from the likes of Adelle Nqeto, Johnny Cradle, Majozi, who played alongside the incredibly talented Opposite the Other, Josh Kempen and Desmond and the Tutus ensured that a thoroughly enjoyable and laid-back day was had by all.

We Love Summer

If you were in the mood for dancing, then you could escape to the We Love Summer stage which played host to all the festival’s electronic acts. A hilariously enjoyable DJ set from the Kiffness had everyone considering investing into Bitcoin and inspiring us to eat broccoli; while the rest of the afternoon saw the likes of Kyle Watson, Vimo and Goodluck playing some amazing music during their sets and keeping the crowd dancing non-stop.

Alice, oh Alice

As the afternoon progressed, Alice Phoebe Lou, whose song ‘She’ was shortlisted for an Oscar; took to the Main stage. A fitting opening act for Angus and Julia Stone, she enthralled everyone in the crowd with her ethereal vocals and magical songs.  Following Alice’s set, the crowd was abuzz as everyone waited excitedly for Angus and Julia Stone’s performance.

Sibling superstars

When they finally took to the stage they captivated the crowd with their beautiful and compelling performance, as Angus’ cool vocals melded perfectly with Julia’s honey-sweet voice to create their distinctive, gentle sound. Their set was a perfect combination of old favourites such as ‘Jet Plane’, alongside newer songs from their latest album ‘Snow’ such as ‘My House Your House’ and ‘Chateau’, which captured the crowd’s hearts and had everyone begging for more as their set drew to a close.

Parklife, the only life I want to live

If Parklife was the force, then its music line-up and mouth-watering selection of food stalls represented the light side. The dark side, however, reared its head in the form of chaotic and understaffed bars. Hot and stuffy, with queues which had you waiting longer than when you’re put on hold by Eskom, a trip to the bar often resulted in you missing out on listening to, not only a few songs, but sometimes entire sets, all in order to get a drink.

That being said, Parklife this year was a huge success and I certainly had a fantastic day. Long drinks queues aside, the festival was extremely well organised and run, and some special thanks must go to everyone involved. The line-up this year was especially enjoyable and seeing Angus and Julia stone perform live, and live up to expectations was certainly a dream come true. I really can’t wait for what next year has in store for us.

Check out Louren’s digital and Amy’s 35mm Parklife gallery below:


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