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This is how I feel about Smoking Dragon 2017.

It was my first time going to Smoking dragon festival this(last?) year and I can definitely say I had a good time. Truth is though, when you are used to the big guns like  Oppikoppi, Rocking the daisies and the likes, you won’t help but compare things. Let me break it down like this…

The Good

The music was just a splendid as always, as was the variety of it spread across the stages. Arriving late on Friday, I found Moonchild delivering tunes on the Electric stage. They were followed by Nonku Phiri. Guys, the music was good.

Adventure surrounded us. You could wake up in the morning and spend half your day exploring. Walking to the big tree, or the Mpande river or venture out as far as your heart desires. There was that sense of freedom with it.

The Niggles

As with every festival, nothing can go as perfectly planned and I guess it’s okay depending on how the festival runners handle things. There was a slight sense of disorder when it came to ticketing between general campers, day passes, media passes and artists. Nobody seemed to understand how the process worked.

But hey, its the end of the yeah, you just get in there and have a good time.

With that said, all sorts of networks crashing didn’t help the event either. This severely affected their mission to run a cashless event as the tags that they had previously given those that came early on Ffriday were rendered useless.

The best thing they did here was to refund everyone who had loaded cash on their tags already.

Those are perhaps the big things. What I do wish to see next time is proper signage of things around the event, the stage names, where toilets/showers are, who parks in general camping who doesn’t (there was a huge confusion about this), lastly, somewhere one could see the line-up of the entire festival.

Event always encounter things that disrupt their flows. Smoking Dragon 2017 had a few, however, I believe that it is still a lovely quaint festival. It provided the good tunes we all needed at year-end. There was good company and a beverage to consume. Thank you Smoking Dragon Festival!

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