Sowing the Seeds 2016 in 15 Incredible Moments

Sowing the Seeds Music & Lifestyle Festival and Seed Experiences announced two incredible international acts for Sowing the Seeds 2016. They brought out Of Monsters and Men and Jungle as festival headliners. This was a grand gesture at a time when it’s quite difficult for local concert organisers to bring out international acts because of the exchange rate.

An audience at the Emmarentia Dam in Johannesburg got to experience BCUC, Matthew Mole and December Streets as local acts and many have sung praises about the headlining performances. Jungle and Of Monsters and Men astounded their audiences and it truly was a special day. You can relive the Sowing the Seeds 2016 experience through these 15 photos taken on the day.

Sowing the Seeds 2016 Sowing_the_Seeds_2016_by_Paddy_Eriksen-1-2 Sowing_the_Seeds_2016_by_Paddy_Eriksen-1-3 Sowing_the_Seeds_2016_by_Paddy_Eriksen-2 Sowing_the_Seeds_2016_by_Paddy_Eriksen-7668 Sowing_the_Seeds_2016_by_Paddy_Eriksen-7671 Sowing_the_Seeds_2016_by_Paddy_Eriksen-7767 Sowing_the_Seeds_2016_by_Paddy_Eriksen-7785 Sowing_the_Seeds_2016_by_Paddy_Eriksen-7816 Sowing_the_Seeds_2016_by_Paddy_Eriksen-7916 Sowing_the_Seeds_2016_by_Paddy_Eriksen-7986 Sowing_the_Seeds_2016_by_Paddy_Eriksen-8089 Sowing_the_Seeds_2016_by_Paddy_Eriksen-8278 Sowing_the_Seeds_2016_by_Paddy_Eriksen-8316 Sowing_the_Seeds_2016_by_Paddy_Eriksen-8344

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