There’s no reason for social awkwardness during winter when you have liver working on new material.

To mark liver’s “First of Last” Album launch, the sub_urban state favourites gathered at Constitution Hill in Braamfontein for a “Let’s Fuck Shit Up” party.

The stage had an impressive set up, with great sound and cool lighting tricks. Heaters and small fires were plentiful and were great for warming up hands. There really was no excuse for missing the party as everything was well executed for the cold winter night.

My friends and I were quite amped to see Dank on stage, and as predicted he was amazing. Kid Robot and Phizicist were on a completely other level and were having the best time on stage. No surprise that when the legends, PH Fat, climbed on stage, the crowd went wild.

As a whole, everyone was in a great mood and having the best time. Check out the photos taken by Paddy.


To download Liver’s Album, click here.

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