There are many things that I need to tell you about Grietfest 2013.

Things like:
– I haven’t danced that hard since Grietfest 2012
– I missed the Naked Guy on stage for the third time in a row
– There is a reason why Grietfest is South Africa’s best electronic music event
– It goes down as my best part night experience this year

Let’s start at the beginning, Leese, Lourens and I jumped onto the Grietfest Express for Grietfest 2013. Our trip felt like a school trip with alcohol because we even had to make a pit stop at a petrol station because people needed to pee so badly and this saw us arriving during Half ‘n Half’s set.

This year we didn’t have freakish Rapture weather, the hail and wind stayed away. It was cold but if you danced as hard we did or hid out at the Go! Go! stage then you should have been fine.

Some of my favourite performances were by F.O.O.L, Haezer, Das Kapital, Bart B More, PHFat and Liver. The DYD team was going crazy everywhere. If you had seen us you probably worried. There were things like shaking the main stage barrier, twerking EVERYWHERE, doing the Cat Daddy where ever we had the chance and correctly doing the Brap. We’d prepared ourselves with set dance moves before we got to Grietfest, some had learnt how to twerk because of Stevie’s Twerk Intervention and others had watched Bart B More performances so we knew that when we heard Brap playing that we must kneel down until the song broke. Not many people knew the Brap and people watched us like we were nuts.

Sometime during Bart B More’s set I sprained my stupid ankle; the Kinesiology Tape that I’d strapped onto it before the party did not save me. However, I was dedicated to the dance and carried on like a trooper. If this has reduced the life expectancy of my ankle by five years, kind of like my Monster and Vodka drinking combination, then so be it, for Grietfest it’s worth it.

Everyone was friendly and just super amped to have a great time and once again I’m linking it to a thought I always have and that’s, ‘The people make the party,’ which is why places like H2O suck. The Grietfest crowd rocked. I didn’t see any fights, nor hear about them and I think that crowd represented the best of Johannesburg. I experienced body heaters and even had lame pick up lines used on me but we could all take them in good humour. My favourite one is this:

Random guy: Hello, how are you?
Me: I’m good and you?
Random guy: I’m sexy and you know it.

I missed the Naked Guy again this year! I don’t know what happens but somehow I’m never there when he’s on stage. In 2011, I decided to sit somewhere minutes before he hopped on stage. In 2012, I was behind the main stage when he was on. In 2013, I saw him far away because I was in the crowd somewhere. Here’s to 2014, perhaps?

This Grietfest might be my last one, we’ll see future plans for next year, and I got this huge wham-bam-thank-you-mam reminder about how much everything around me has changed over the last two years. I was talking to F.O.O.L about his performance the first time he was here in 2011 and it hit me that I was just a spectator then, a girl who won tickets with Ash to go to Griet’s 3rd Birthday and Drop Your Drink didn’t exist. Fast forward a few years and I’m involved in the scene, I take better photos now (by far). So that was rather cool and only possible because of Griet and all the work that they do.

So once again I will say, ‘Don’t fucking miss Griet parties.’

Click here to see more photos.

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