We released a schedule for Johannesburg’s leg of RAMfest, so here’s our schedule to follow for Cape Town’s RAMfest. Jacques takes you through his highlights for the Cape Town festival.

As we said before: This is a rough day schedule, set chronologically so we know where we’re headed. Assuming we’ll never sleep or feel sick, obviously. Thursday’s line up looks entertaining. Bands we’re looking forward to are Heroine, Basson Laubscher and the Violent Free Piece, and The Dollfins. We’re curious to see what Black Lung brings to the stage too. Few bands going for a rough sound actually pull it off live, and this would be our first time seeing them. Friday at Cape Town’s leg is gonna be a tough and a big one. We’re keen to see what The Ballistics (formerly known as Ballistic Blues) bring to the table. We’re also incredibly excited to see what The Very Wicked’s been up to, with only a cryptic teaser for their debut album circulating online. They’re playing the exact same time as Gateway Drugs, a duo us at Drop Your Drink are way too fond of. We’ll probably be bouncing between these two stages. Obviously, the Foto Na Dans reunion is gonna be a little crazy, with favourites Hou Jou Hande Bymekaar, Soldaatvolk, and Konings not forgotten in the least. Saturday’s gonna be absolutely huge, with VuvuVultures on at 16h00, and Foals and Biffy Clyro closing down the festival. Save your energy for these acts friends. It’s gonna be mental.

Day One: Thursday
Stellenbrau Carnival Stage
– 19h00 – Heroine
– 20h00 – Brother & Brother
– 21h00 – Basson Laubscher & the Violent Free Piece
– 22h00 – The Dollfins
– 23h00 – Black Lung
– 00h00 – Stoker

Day Two: Friday 
Stellenbrau Carnival Stage
– 10h00 – Comedy
– 11h00 – The Inside Job
– 12h00 – Comedy
– 12h30 – Rosemary Towns End
– 13h15 – Comedy
– 13h45 – The Ballistics
– 14h45 – Kingdom for a Horse
– 15h45 – Al Bairre

Olmeca Stage
– 16h00 – VaVa

Red Heart Rum Stage
– 17h00 – Red Huxley
– 18h00 – The Very Wicked Olmeca Stage
– 18h00 – Gateway Drugs

Monster Stage
– 19h00 – Foto Na Dans

Red Heart Rum Stage
– 21h00 – Trivium (USA)
– 23h00 – Killswitch Engage (USA)

Olmeca Stage
– 23h30 – Niskerone
– 01h00 – Camo & Krooked Ft Dynamite MC (AUS & UK)
– 02h30 – Hyphen

Day Three: Saturday 
Stellenbrau Carnival Stage
– 10h00 – Comedy
– 11h00 – Nomadic Orchestra
– 12h00 – Comedy
– 12h30 – Gerald Clark
– 13h15 – Comedy
– 13h45 – Mr Cat & the Jackal

Red Heart Rum Stage
– 16h00 – VuvuVultures (UK)
– 17h00 – aKing
– 18h00 – ISO
– 19h00 – Gangs of Ballet
– 21h00 – Foals (UK)
– 23h00 – Biffy Clyro (Scotland)

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