Culture Capital did a photoseries this past Movember. They wanted to add to and broaden the discussion pertaining to Movember.

They did so in the form of three broad questions:
  1. What do you feel makes a man?
    2. In your opinion what is the biggest health issue men face?
    3. What do you feel your role is as a man in society?

Shen Scott on the timing and necessity of the photoseries: “I think with the #MenAreTrash movement, the premier of “The People VS the Patriarchy” last night and of course Movember, it’s a crucial time for men to speak about their ideas of manhood, their fears and their place in the world. While some of the responses may make us uncomfortable, it is incredibly important that we have these discussions.”

“I found many men touched on the cancer and suicide problems that Movember draws attention to directly as well as an overarching theme of men struggling with identity.”


Click here to browse through the Culture Capital collection.
Click on each image below to see each of the individual’s answers.

See what Culture Capital are getting up to by clicking the image below!

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