A Guide to Being Lazy in Cape Town – Part 2

Moving on from Part 1, Jess continues on her compiled a list of things to do in Cape Town that won’t drain you of your humanity.


One of the best parts of Cape Town is the food you can find there. With innumerable restaurants and other food outlets offering absolutely anything your hungry heart could possibly desire, you’re certainly not going to go hungry. The best part is you don’t even have to look far and wide for a place to eat, it’s all right at your doorstep (provided you aren’t in a log cabin somewhere isolated or 30ft under the ocean). Not to mention the best part about being hungry and lazy in these modern times is the fact that if you don’t want to leave your house, UberEats has you covered.  Some people might say ‘long romantic walks on the beach’ or a ‘refreshing afternoon jog in the Tokai forest’, I say why not ‘short exciting strolls through the Old Biscuit Mill or ‘a refreshing cocktail while you gorge yourself at an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet’?

The Aquarium

Someone suggested scuba-diving. You’re kind of interested because fish are awesome and you’ve always wanted to see a jellyfish up close, but also completely put-off by the idea of having to suit-up and actually get into the water. Why not try the aquarium? You can gaze lovingly at the super cool jellyfish, get stared at by giant crabs (although you suspect they might be planning world domination), read up about the life-cycle of anemones and communicate with penguins, all without actually getting wet. It’s marvelous actually, and it doesn’t even require that much walking around. You can even buy food and a plush toy penguin if you want.


Spending too much time squeezed into the clown-fish exhibit reliving Finding Nemo whilst simultaneously enjoying the longing gazes of the children who are waiting patiently for their turn.

The Music

Now if it’s one thing Cape Town has a lot of, it’s good music. Pretty much everyone you meet there is either a Producer/DJ or in a band (or all 3) and actually they’re pretty good. This means that, with a ton of awesome venues which play host to music of every genre, you really are spoiled for choice when it comes going out and having a good time. You’re probably reading this and thinking “but I don’t have enough energy to go and dance at a club until the early hours of the morning”, well worry not! With concerts at Kirstenbosch, your favourite band playing an acoustic set at a café or a late afternoon drink while DJ whatnot plays a vinyl set at your local bar, you’re sorted.

Added Bonus:

This activity is best enjoyed with good company, thus providing you and your lazy friends with a great opportunity for some quality bonding and a place to possibly plan more exciting minimum effort outings (okay, who am I kidding, no one plans anything ahead these days).

It’s taken many years of fine-tuning the art of being lazy to fully appreciate all the wonderful opportunities Cape Town has to offer for those of us who find it hard to leave the comfort of our couches. Now, when the smug hikers, walkers and runners berate you about how you can’t fully appreciate Cape Town and its surroundings without diving head first into some sort of tiresome activity; you can turn to them, freshly sun-burnt, with a  glass of Sauvignon Blanc  in one hand, your selfie from the top of table mountain in the other hand and tell them (in great detail) about the life cycle of the Anemonia Anemone *drops  mic  *. 

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