Shiffa visited the land of the extremely dangerous animals and musicians like Flume and Wave Racer and compiled a list of things she loved about Australia. All photos by Shiffa.

Africa may be the cradle of human-kind but Australia is without a doubt the cradle of hipster-kind, and here I mean this in a good way. There must be something about living on an island/continent/country so far away from the rest of the western world that gives rise to new found means of existence and expression. For one, everybody is eco-conscious, relatively well spoken (despite the accent), and there are more brands of craft beer than there are channels on DSTV. I never thought I’d be one to say it but I dig Australia a lot, so much so that I’ve compiled a list of 25 things that make Australia awesome. Go on, read it and who knows maybe you may also begin to get convinced that it ain’t so down under.

25. Seatbelts (enforced law/policy)

24. Easy Way Bubble Tea (food/drink)

23. Purple Sneakers (blog/entertainment/party)

22. Galleries – specifically Anish Kapoor at MCA (culture/entertainment)

21. Bicycle lanes (law/policy)

20. The Falls Arts and Musical Festival (culture/entertainment)

19. Properly working public transport (law/policy)

18. Little Creatures Beer (food/drink)

17. Recycling (law/policy)

16. Oxford Art Factory (culture/entertainment)

15. Triple J Radio (music/entertainment)

14. The Sun and the Sky – band (music/entertainment)

13. Wave Racer – producer (music/entertainment)

12. Belvoir Street Theatre (culture/entertainment)

11. Orphan Dinner (food/drink)

10. The Dead Heads (music/entertainment)

9. Dioptics (fashion/shop)

8. The Preatures – band (music/entertainment)

7.  Fremantle Shops (fashion/store)

6. Penny Farthings Candy Store – York (shop/food/drink)

5. Flume – producer (music/entertainment)

4. A Proper St Paddy’s Day Parade (entertainment/culture)

3. Wedge Espresso (shop/food/drink)

2. Lindsay Walkers Jewelry Collection (fashion/shop)

1. So Many Drinks to Drop (drink/lots of drinks)

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