I recently traveled and got to experience New Orleans. You have to go to these places like New Orleans before Hurricane Ashleigh, Mary or Rihanna hits the area. I read about the New Orleans Daiquiri Culture from Vice when I was checking up on things to do in the city. To be honest that was all I was really looking forward to as I traveled there. I mean the swamp seemed exciting from popular Cartoon Network experience and it would be cool to the slave history run but the daiquiri culture really got me amped. I decided that I was going to make it my mission to try a daiquiri from every single daiquiri place. Ambitious much?

Daiquiris in New Orleans are shams in the authentic cocktail world. I actually know how to make the original daiquiri which consists of lime, sugar, ice and white rum, click here to check that out that experience. These daiquiris are glorified slushies with alcohols like vodka, Everclear and cheap white rum, lots of sugar, flavouring and enough food colouring to let everyone else know that you’ve been drinking one. I’m not complaining. I’ve been a fan of sneaking a bottle of vodka into the movies for my slushie.

Now back to the Daiquiri Challenge. I performed badly. It was a bit disconcerting to walk out of my hotel in the French Quarter and discover three daiquiri places in a row within 10 metres. Unfortunately, or fortunately for me, my hotel was at the corner of Bourbon Street, an alcoholic tourist trap made into a road of gentleman’s clubs and bars. It was a clear sign that attempting to complete the Daiquiri Challenge would likely give me alcohol poisoning or see me stumbling and hurling like New Orleans’ famous alcohol hobos in the French Quarter during the day. It was shocking, it was amazing, it was mind-blowing and scraping my original goals of trying one from every daiquiri place I decided to just enjoy some flavour recommendations from some of the bartenders.  If you want a tasty experience then try Cajun Storm and Peach Bellini and if you feel like you need something stronger then you’re going for the ironic Hurricane, Jungle Juice and 190 Antifreeze. You can even add extra shots to your slushie but I never proceeded in that direction. Most of the daiquiri places had the same flavours so you don’t need to necessarily focus on one place to get your fix.

New Orleans’ daiquiri culture was definitely one of my favourite things about the city. I kept trying to find a drive-thru daiquiri bar but didn’t venture far enough out of the French Quarter. I guess that will be an adventure for when I’m sure hurricane season is over.


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